The castle in autumn (Matsumoto castle/松本城)

Leaving Okamiya shrine (岡宮神社), I went to Matsumoto castle (松本城).
The weather was so good!

People seems having fun. Not only, people, even dogs seemed enjoying the holiday.

The blue sky was spreading over the castle.

Beside the moat, the tree leaves were changed to red.
I found swan there.

I want to introduce you the museum next to Matsumoto castle.
It cost 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for kids to go inside.

There were armor for the Samurai.

In 16th century, the gun had brought to Japan from Europe.
The gun also changed the way of the war in Japan, too. It seemed stronger than swords, spears and bows.

The armor which shot by gun.
I felt scary seeing this aromor. Three holes were in the armor...

I found Oinari-san (お稲荷さん), the foxes in shrine, here too.

The float used for festival.
I thought that design of the dragon's and the emblem's were like Chinese.
I felt the culture's connection seeing this display.

This float was said used until about 10 or 15 years ago.

The steam pumper truck.
I thought this was train, but it was a firetruck!

These were just a little part of exhibitions.
If you visit Matsumoto castle, please also visit a museum next it.

It is good to take time to see them, but if you don't have time, it maybe not bad just glancing at them and pass quickly. You still can feel the cultures of Japan here.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!

松本城, 白鳥, 松本市立博物館, 武者, 鎧


Playing with fallen leaves (Okamiya-shrine/岡宮神社)

This day, I had no plan to do.
Just getting on a bicycle in the morning, started cycling.

I came across to a shrine, which I may not notice if I was using a car.

The shrine's name was Okamiya-shrine (岡宮神社).

I decided to stay here for a while to take pictures.

It may be not bad playing here.

The shrine was covered with fallen leaves.
Lot's of leaves were fallen, but the trees were still colorful.

As the wind was strong, leaves were flying in the sky.
It was like a leave storm!

The shrine was also beautiful with it self.
Shinto priest, we call Kannusi-sama (神主様), might be cleaning the road everyday.
Road was clean, and the garden was like a carpet of fallen leaves.

The back yard was like this.
Small shrine and some garden lanterns made of stone where there.

It was good chance to know that there are many beautiful places near me.
It's fun going out for a trip, but sometimes I will take a bicycle.

Thank you for reading.
It's one more day to go for a weekend!

Good night!

松本, 岡宮神社, 秋, 灯篭


Flowers and peace to Paris and to Russia

Shocking news is still shown in the news program here in Japan, too.
When I was student, I learned history and knew there are religious confrontation in this world.

I just learned from a text book, so what I knew or felt at that time is almost nothing.
Without living in the society, I can't understand the deepness of it's history.

I know it's difficult for me to understand that how deep the reason why people are fighting, but one thing I think for sure is that something earned by killing or hurting someone won't bring real happiness.

There is nothing I can do for the tragedy in Paris and Russia, who lost airplane, but I just want to send flowers to the people.

Wishing the peaceful day will come back to the world soon...


The temple in the countryside (Ryudou-zan Houzou-ji temple/龍洞山宝蔵寺 and Houjyu-ji temple/法住寺)

On the way back from Bessyo Onsen (別所), I came across unique and ordinary temples.
Both temple had different characters, and were interesting.

The first temple is Ryudou-zan Houzou-ji temple (龍洞山宝蔵寺).
This temple is built on the middle of the cliff, half buried into it.

As this temple was built on high place, I could see it from far place.

The entrance was like this.
A lot of Jizo, the stone Buddhist statue, were there.

I had to walk up the stairways.
It was quite high...

Going through the gate, there was a temple.

To not demons and evils get inside of temple, the faces of guardian were set on the roof.
They were in scary faces...

Inside of the temple was like this.
It had large Japanese lantern, made of paper.

Walking through the passage, I could get in the back side of the temple.

The temple was built to fit the cave.

Getting out of the cave, and climbing up more stairs, I could see the town behind the temple.
I felt like this temple is a really guard of this town.

Before going one more hot spring, I saw one more temple along the road.
The reason why I realized the temple was the gate.
Large gate was beside the road.

Getting through the gate, walk for few minutes, I reached the temple.

It is ordinary temple, but something was really attractive.

Turning around and I realized why I liked this temple.
I deeply felt autumn here.

The leaves are falling, and the winter is coming near.
I have to prepare for it.

Getting in hot spring is one of amusement in winter time.

The last place I went was a hotel Fujiya (富士屋) in Tazawa Onsen (田沢温泉).
This hot spring is not so hot, but the warmness will continues for hours after getting out.
It is little far from Matsumoto city, but I recommend this hotel.
The youth hostel is near, too!


<Youth hostel>

Thank you for reading!
Take care not to catch a cold!

龍洞山宝蔵寺, 法住寺, 富士屋, ユースホステル


Tea break with Japanese sweets (Kaiun-do / 開運堂, Matsumoto city / 松本)

I was writing about temples and shrines, it's little break today.

In rainy season, I have wrote about Wagashi (和菓子).
Wagashi is Japanese sweets, which delicate decorations had done by hands.

The season had changed, I went to Kaiun-do (開運堂), famous Wagashi shop in Matsumoto.

I bought two seasonal sweets this time.

The left one is a piece made as Japanese persimmon, the famous autumn fruit in Japan, and right piece is made as chrysanth, also famous autumn flower in Japan.

Japanese persimmon, Kaki (柿) in Japanese, looks like orange colored tomatao.

This fruit can be seen every where in Japan, especially in country side.
They fruits in the tree.

The real fruits is more harder than tomato, and tastes wispy sweetness.
I heard that some people saw this fruit in U.S., sold a name in "Japanese persimmon", so please try it if you find them.

This treat is made of sweet bean paste, so it is a lot sweeter than the fruit.

I was surprised that the seed made with bean was inside. It's delicate work...

The flower sweet, chrysanth, is also splendid, too.

Chrysanth is called Kiku (菊) in Japan.
Kiku has many colors.
The shrines and temples are adorned with this flower in autumn time.

This flower is symbol flower of Emperor's family, and same time, symbol of Japan.
(It is said that Cherry flower, Sakura (桜) and Kiku is said flowers of Japan.)

This piece also made of sweet bean paste, and inside seems like this.

They really matches to Japanese tea, like doughnuts and coffee, cheese and wine.

Please visit Kaiun-dou, if you came to Matsumoto.

I have to go there, too when the winter comes.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!!

和菓子, 柿, 菊, 開運堂, あんこ, お茶, 松本