Full bloom cherry blossom in the daytime

Yesterday I've uploaded the cherry blossoms in the night time.
Today's picture is in the daytime.

The place is the same, near the Matsumoto castle.

I think seasons in Japan is clearly divided.
Spring, summer, fall and winter, each season has their character.
One of the reason why I started to write blog is to introduce this Japanese beautiful seasons to foreign people.

For me, it's hard to say which season is the best, but I think most of Japanese people loves spring time and Cherry blossoms.

I've seen a couple, taking a picture in Kimono.
It must be the picture for memorial for their wedding. They were so beautiful.

It was little cold this year, so the flowers keeping their beauty longer than usual.

We feels loneliness when cherry blossoms fell, but it is so beautiful, seems like a flower storms. 
I wish that I won't miss and can see it.

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