Legend of Hayataro, the dog which fought with beasts vol.3 (Kouzen-ji temple / 光前寺, Nagano / 長野)

As Kouzenji-temple is placed at  the foot of mountain, it is little difficult to visit.
From Komagane station,the nearest train station, you need to take a bus or taxi.

Using bus, take Komagatake ropeway line about 10 minutes and get off at Kiriishi Kouen mae bus top. From the bus stop, 15 minutes walk will take you to Kouzenji-temple.
If you are traveler from abroad, I will recommend using a taxi to save time.

After you path through the gate, you will see beautiful green lights between the leaves.

Not only Hayataro legend, Kouzenji-temple is worthless to visit.
The buildings are so old but beautiful, and there are lots of artistic Buddhist objects.

This Buddha statue is carved to small wood piece sized an inch.

These gold colored tools are called "Dokko", called "Vajra" in India.

I searched about these tools and knew that they are weapons for the gods of Buddhist.
If it has one knife, it is called "Dokkosyo".
If it have two knives, it is called "Sankosyo".
If it have five knives, it is called "Gokosyo".

The explanation said that "If you touch this Gokosyo, you can purify the evils".

The garden is so beautiful. I thought that I can stay for a day just sitting veranda.

I like the green colored leaves in the Spring and Summer, but I think this place is also more beautiful in Autumn.

I would like to come back here in Autumn season, too.

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光前寺, 早太郎, 駒ヶ根


Legend of Hayataro, the dog which fought with beasts vol.2 (Kouzen-ji temple / 光前寺, Nagano / 長野)

After 700 years had past, Hayataro is still loved by the people.
You can see a lot of monuments for Hayataro in Kouzenji-temple.

This tower there is a words written "For the memory of Hayataro, after his  death 600 years."
It means that this tower is built 100 years ago.

This wood carving statue seemed old, but I couldn't know when it was made.
It looked real and strong. 

This statue of stone is also seems settled here for long and long times.

It seems that Hayataro is still there, and caring about the village people.

Next to the main temple, there is small museum.
At the end of museum, you will see Buddhist script.
It is sent to Hayataro with thanks for defeating the beasts.

This script was written by the priest who took Hayataro to the temple near the sea.
He may felt really sorry for Hayataro's death.
After 700 years past, it still can read clearly.

I had small snack and tea at the museum.

There was a picture of Hayataro in the teacup.

At the souvenir shop, I bought fortune telling doll.
In Hayataro's doll, fortune telling paper inside. It is like fortune cookie.

I took small but strong guardian to my house :)

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Legend of Hayataro, the dog which fought with beasts vol.1 (Kouzen-ji temple / 光前寺, Nagano / 長野)

About 700 years ago, 3 puppies were born in a temple.
The temple was built in deep in the mountain, named Kouzen-ji temple.

A master of the temple fed 3 puppies and mother dog until they become big.
One day, he told mother dog. "Your children seems all smart and strong. When you going back in the mountain, would you please leave one of your children as guardian of the temple?"

Mother dog was really thankful to the priest, the master of the temple, she left most smart boy to him. He grown up strong as the bear, run as fast as the wind.
In Japanese, the thing which moves called "Hayai". His was named "Hayataro", which means "The one who moves fast."

One day, a child was attacked horrible beast came from the mountain.
When the child was about to kidnap, with frightful speed, Hayataro run in to the beast and scare the beast away.

The village people thanked to the priest and Hayataro and the rumor went far.

One priest came from the far village. He lived near the sea.

In his village, there were convention that the family had to gave their child out if the white arrow had shot to the house. If they don't give the child, the fields and crops of village are ruined. The child was placed in white box, and brought to old temple. They never came back.

The priest thought that it is odd.
The god never requires the things which people become feels sad and sorrow.
He hide behind the tree, and watch what will happened to the child.

What he saw was not god, the old large monkeys which become beast.
As beasts were so strong and horrible, he could do nothing, but he heard a song.
The beasts were singing like this. "Confirm that Hayataro is not here. Don't let know Hayataro we are kidnapping."

The priest looked for Hayataro for years and years, and reached Kouzen-ji temple.
He asked the priest of Kouzen-ji temple to lend Hayataro to defeat the beast.
The priest of the Kouzen-ji temple kindly agreed the request.

The priest went back to his village with Hayataro.

After two came back to the village, Hayataro placed in a white box, and took to the old temple.
In the night, beasts came and were singing again.

When they opened the box, deadly battle started.

When the morning comes, what village people saw were three dead beasts.
They could not find Hayataro. He disappeared.

At Kouzen-ji temple, the priest was anxious about Hayataro.
One day, he saw Hayataro came back.
When Hayataro recognized the priest came out to see him, he barked once, as if he was telling that he won and guarded children, and dead.

The priest was really sad, but was also proud of him.
He made a grave next to the main hall of Kouzenji-temple.

After the 700 years past, Hayataro are loved by the people, and can see his grave.

I will show other picture about Hayataro and Kouzen-ji temple in next blog.
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Have a delicious tea and sweets in rainy days (Kaiun-do / 開運堂, Matsumoto / 松本)

As it is Tsuyu-season in Japan, the rainy days continues.
It's not bad to stay in the house, watching favorite movies, and have nice tea and tasty sweets.

I usually like having coffee, but today, I had Japanese tea and Japanese sweets, "Wagashi".
Wagashi are made in delicate work of art. The wagashi I had today was made like flower, hydrangea.

You can see hydrangea everywhere in Japan.
It is beautiful in the rainy atmosphere.

This is tea leaf pod.
Prepare the nice tea first.

This is wagashi made of "anko", made of azuki beans. This beans is quite famous in Japan.

It looks like this inside.

There was anko also inside of this flower-like sweets.

Please try wagashi, if you visit Japan!!
You will see this wagashi at the shop named "Kaiun-do" in Matsumoto.


Twisting the cloth for Kimono around the people (In a woman model) vol.3

The cloudy and rainy days continues here in Japan.
This rainy season is called "Tsuyu".

Soon after the Tsuyu passes, the Summer comes.
How is the weather in your country?

Today, I will introduce the last picture of twisting performance.

The performance proceed to artificial way.

Her shoulder is shown, and clothes are twisted to her legs.

In a short time, the style changed so much.
I thought that she looks like elf in Japan.

Mr. Maruyama signed his signature and dates to the cloth, and performance had ended.
What he said were to see the stitchwork work on the cloth and the shadow of wrinkles on cloth.

Mr. Maruyama told her to turn around once.

Not only an elf, I also thought Buddhist goddess, Kannon sama.
Both she and performance were beautiful.

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