Ehobashira, the pillar connects the relationship with god (Saikoji temple / 西光寺, Nagano city / 長野市)

Nagano city is just having an event called "Gokaicho", an special event held once a seventh year.
The event is held at temple named Zenkoji, but I visited Saikoji temple before.

People can see and touch the pillar called "Ehobashira" at temples in some the temples near the Zenkoji temple. Saikoji temple has it.

You can see a white rope is tight to the top of Ehobashira.
It is connected to statue of Budda in the temple.

If you touch this pillar, it is said that you are connected with gods of Buddism

The white goes towards to the temple...

Connected to the five colored ropes, green, yellow, red, white and purple.

Enters inside of  temple.

When I visited Saikoji temple, I didn't know that huge earth quake had struck Nepal.
If I can go there right now, I will pray Budda and Gods for their safe.