Tips going to Tokyo DisneySea: vol.2 (Efficient ways of selecting rides)

I said "I will write about restaurants and snacks" yesterday, but thought over again.
The meals are more delicious if you are hungry, isn't it?

The best way to get hungry is to have fun and play around, so I will write about the rides before writing about restaurants and snacks.

There are 28 rides in DisneySea.

The most popular ride is probably "Toy Story Mania".
It is so crowded that you have to wait 100 - 200 minutes to ride...
There are also other rides which you have to wait more than an hour.

If you are tourist from far place from DisneySea, you may feel like wasting time waiting these rides.

*** Tip 1: Using the Fast Pass Ticket ***
To avoid wasting time, use Fast pass tickets.

Fast pass ticket is a special ticket you can get each in hour.
If you get this ticket, there will be time written, and you can take a the ride without waiting.

For example, see the following picture.

See the right side ticket. It's for "Indiana Jones Adventure" and written 9:35 - 10:35.
I took this ticket at 8:30. With this ticket, you can ride "Indiana Jones Adventure" without waiting during the time above.

After an hour later, you can take next fast pass ticket.
I took left side ticket next, the ticket for "Center of the Earth".

*** Tip 2: It maybe smart for not taking Fast Pass for super crowded ride ***
You may feel crazy, you may have to wait nearly an hour for just taking fast pass ticket...

I reached DisineySea at 15 minutes after it opened, but it was too late for taking the fast pass ticket "Toy story mania". I had to wait about 45 minutes, and the time I take a ride will be later 20:00...

I gave up taking ticket for Toy story mania.
If I get in a line for getting this fast pass ticket, I have to give up other ride's tickets, maybe more than two tickets.

Even the popular rides, the waiting time will get shorter during the parade or the time little before the park closes. It will be good idea if you can stay until late time.

This is all for today's tips.
Good luck and have fun!!

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