Staying in a Ryokan, relaxing way having dinner at own room (Kansui-rou / 環翠楼, Hakone / 箱根)

Today, I will show the dinner of Kansui-rou.
As Hakone placed in the mountain near the sea, we can eat both sea and mountain foods.
The course named Hazuki (葉月/ Ancient way of calling August in Japan) was served.

Appetizer were like this.

* Sashimi (刺身)

They were Maguro (鮪/tuna), Tai (鯛/sea bream), and Ika(烏賊/squid).
The flower and leaf is Shiso (しそ), the Japanese basil and you can eat them. It's scent add spice to sashimi. Really tasty!

* Tounyu-mushi (豆乳蒸し/Steamed soy milk), with Uni (雲丹/Sea urchin)

The green grass is called Mitsuba (三つ葉). This is also like Japanese basil which smells good but doesn't interrupt sea urchin.

* Arare Yamaimo (あられ山芋/ fried yam)

<Right side>
* Salmon Kabu-maki (サーモン蕪巻き/ Salmon rolled with turnip)
* Tamago-cheese (卵チーズ/ Rolled egg with cheese )
* Moro-Kyuri (もろ胡瓜/ Japanese pickle cucumber)

<Left side>
* Tomato Mitsu-ni (トマト密煮/ Boiled tomato)
* Eda-mame (枝豆/ Boiled Green Soy bean)

We eats green soy beans with beer. I saw on TV program that some Japanese restaurant in New York started to serve green soy beans, eda-mame. American people seemed enjoying it, but is it ture?

The soup came next.

* Osui-mono (お吸い物/ Japanese soup) with Kani-shinjyo (かに真丈/ fried crab), Matsutake (松茸/ pine mushroom)

The tied glass is Mitsuba again. This glass matches to several Japanese foods.

Baked dishes came next.

* Suzuki Nanbu-Yaki (鱸 南部焼き/ Baked sea perch), Karashi-Konjac (辛子こんにゃく/ Konjac food with mustard), and Yanaka-syouga (谷中生姜/ Stick Ginger)

The sauce was made from Edamame.

* Hito-kuchi stake (一口ステーキ/ small stake)

The sauce were made of dried laver seaweed.

The boiled vegetable came for interval.

* Tougan to Nasu no Holland ni (冬瓜と茄子のオランダ煮/ Boiled winter melon and eggplant western style)

At the end of Edo era, nearly 200 years ago, Japan learned a lot of things from Holland.
This dish used cooking style which came from abroad, so placed word "Holland" which means "cooking style came from western".

After baked dishes, Tempra came.

* Ebi-shinjyo (海老真丈/ Fried shrimp)
* Shiitake (椎茸/ Shiitake mushroom)
* Shishi-tou (ししとう/ Green chili)

Green chili is not hot at all. Maybe they are picked up before it gets hot.
(Some we hits so hot green chili, so be careful.)

At last, rice and miso-soup had served.

I like to have rice and miso-soup with other foods usually, but they are served at last in traditional way.

If you need relaxing time, I recommend staying at Ryokan.

I will write about hot spring at this Ryokan.
Onsen, the hot spring in Japan was also written in lonley planet, too.

Thank you for reading!
Good night!

箱根, 旅館, 環翠楼, 夕食, 葉月

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