Staying in a Ryokan and relaxing with hot springs (Kansui-rou / 環翠楼, Hakone / 箱根)

I have read lonley planet Japan and knew that staying Ryokan (旅館), the traditional Japanese inns, was placed No.5 in Japan's TOP 25.

At Ryokan, we Japanese wear Yukata (浴衣), Japanese robe, and spend relaxing time.
You can spend time any way you like. Just staying at room is fine. Maybe good idea to get in hot spring.

This summer, I stayed Ryokan named "Kansui-rou".

This Ryokan's has long history, opened 400 years ago.
Lot's of famous people visited here, even the family of Japanese emperor stayed long time.

This is the entrance.

When checking in, I saw an old register.
The staff told me that they aren't using it know, but left as ornament.

I like these antique goods.

At the lobby, they served cold sake, rice wine.
As it was hot day, the cold sake was really tasty.

These are the bottle filled with sake, and cool down with ice water.

These are the cups.
As sake is little strong, drinking a little at a time is good way.

After I enjoyed welcome drink, I went to my room.
The name of my room was Hayakawa (早川).
Hayakawa is the river's name which runs next to this Ryokan.

First step in the room.

Completely Japanese room, the floor was tatami (畳), Japanese straw mat.
I forgot to tell first, but we have to take off shoes at the entrance of Ryokan.

As there are lot's of earthquakes in Japan, the most of building were made of woods.
As woods are strong but soft, they are good material for building in Japan.

Even the paper was used a part for window and door. The window is called Syouji (障子) and door is called Fusuma (襖).

The sun lights become soft when went through the paper window.

There were sweet treat and tea waiting for me.

I took a little break and went to hot spring.
I will introduce the hot spring and dinner in later.

Thank you for reading!!
Have a nice weekend!!

箱根, 旅館, 環翠楼, 早川

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