Good old Japanese post town (Narai-jyuku / 奈良井宿,Nagano)

In good sunny day, I went to an old Japanese post town.

Since the begging of Edo era, the road called "Nakasen-do (中仙道)" had started.
Nakasen-do started nearly year 1600, connected Tokyo and Kyoto.

The length of Nakasen-do was about 200 kilometers, and had 67 post towns.
The post town I went one of them, "Narai-jyuku (奈良井宿)".

In the lonely planet Japan, "Tsumago (妻籠)" and "Magome (馬籠)" were introduced.
They are the post towns of Nakasen-do, too.

Taking a train from Matsumoto, 45 minutes ride will take you there.
Large wood made bridge will welcome the visitors.

This bridge was made with woods which lived more than 300 years.
It was built in year 1991, so it is not so old compared to the town.

Across the bridge, climb up the road a little, you will soon see the old buildings.

Once stepping inside, what you can see is an old town, which maybe changed just a little from hundreds of years.

In this old thin road, the car goes through.

These old wooden made buildings are built in hundreds years ago, people still lives inside.
Some of them are restaurants, hotels, and wooden works shops.

The shop below is snack shop.

The snack, "Oyaki (おやき)" is famous around here.
Oyaki is steamed bread, and there are several kinds of stuffings. Sweet Azuki beans, salty Miso, and Nozawana vegetable flavored with soy sauce.

As it is near the mountain with forests, the water is so clean.
You can drink spring water directly.

It's so cold, so that it is tasty in summer time, but you will get freezing in autumn and winter time.

As this town was famous for wooden works, I saw a lot of dishes, chopsticks and combs made of wood.

The gold and silver things are the bells.
In the memo, it says "It is small, but it rings in large sound! Please use them for Bear bells".

As mountain is near, there are several kinds of animals.
I never seen bear, but saw deer, fox and martens.

These are the spinning top.
When I was a child, I played them with my friends.

Going back to the street, and walk for a while again.

Wooden works shops, but selling umbrellas.

Window shopping are for free.
There were Japanese cray dolls.

I got hungry ate some snacks.
Grilled corn with soy sauce. We can eat them at street festivals in the summer time, too.

At the snack stand, I had rice cakes.
Snack stand was like this.

The rice cakes called "Go hei mochi (五平餅)".
Their flavor was miso, sesame, and soy sauce.

People seemed acting slowly.

If you are living in huge cities, it is really good place to get vacation here.
Time seems floating in different speed here.

I would like to spend a night at post town some day and get relaxed.
When I do, I will upload pictures here, too.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good night!

奈良井宿, 中山道, 中仙道, おやき, 五平餅,

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