The fishes swimming in the sky (Children's Day, May 5th)

May 5th is known as Children's day in Japan.

If there are boy in the family, we show miniature of armor of samurai in the house.
Outside, we hang carp which made by cloth. This is called "Koi nobori".

"Koi" means carp, and "nobori" means raise.

It is said that this flying carp started to raise in Edo era, about 150 years ago.

Black carp is said "father carp".
Red carp is said "mother carp".
Blue, green and other colors are said "kids carp".

I saw these family above at Nagano city.

Met these families at Yokohama,

And met these family at Matsumoto city.

If you come to Japan in May, you will see carp families all over the places.

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