Castle in the snow (Matsumoto castle)

In middle of January, heavy snow fall in all around Japan.
It was Monday morning, what I saw was white world.
Cars, houses, buildings, and roads, every thing were covered with snow.

In the weekend of this week, I went to Matsumoto castle to see it with snow.

However a week had passed since the snow fall, there were still lots of them were left.

That week was so cold, the temperature were around -5 degrees in Celsius, 25 degrees in Fahrenheit everyday.

Near the castle, the roads were frozen and so slippery.
I had to be really careful not to trip over.

Getting inside, there were a lot people came to see the castle.
They were all walking a little slowly not to slip.

The color red of the bridge seemed beautiful, shined in white world.

This bridge is under repair and people can't go over now.
I think it is repairing for years, and I have never use it yet.

A swan was swimming under it. It is so small, but you may can see him in the picture above.
He came near me swimming.

As it is so cold, his neck seemed a little thick than as usual.
The birds also have to keep heats in their body.

The castle from the other side.
As this day was a festival, people could get inside of the garden for free.
An entry fee costs 610 yen for an adult, and 300 yen for a child.

Getting inside, there were a lot of snow left.

The garden seemed so different from other season.
It was like this in autumn.

The castle in autumn.

The trees were covered with weed covers.

The covers protects trees from the insects. To protect themselves from cold, the insects digs holes in the tree. Those holes may kill trees, so those covers are needed.

The snow didn't fall so match since that day, but there are still some of them are left.
If they fall again, I will go out and take more pictures again.

Thank you for reading!
One more day to go for weekend!

Have a good night!

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