Sending back God and fortune dolls to the sky: 2 (San-ku-ro/三九郎, Matsumoto/松本市)

At the night of January 10th this year, San-ku-ro (三九郎) festival had held at a temple called Toku-un-ji temple (徳運寺).

High tower had burned here, using a fire which the priest of the temple had brought.

The priest passed the fire to few men, and they took to the tower.

The tower is built at rice filed, far from the houses, so that fire won't reach them.
The men walk through the field.

As the fire lit to the tower, the smoke started to raise.

In a moment, the fire came out, and become like a pillar.

The fire moves like an animal, and I thought them both beautiful, and little scary.

The fire went high up the sky.
I thought this fire's shape was like a bird or dragon.
The fortune dolls and God maybe riding it.

People will buy new fortune dolls and makes new wishes.
After watching the fire, I went to the temple and made a wish.
The wish that me and my family can live peacefully and healthy this year.

At temples in Japan, there are pods burns incense at the entrance.
It is said that if you bask the smoke, you can be healthy and not get injured or sick.

In the main building, a lot of people were visiting and praying.

In the way home, I saw many families smiles in their faces.
I really wish the peace will come to the world this year.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!