How wonderful living with sweet family (Jigokudani Yaen-Koen/地獄谷野猿公苑)

At the park, I saw a lot of families were living together.
They seemed all staying close.

Most of them were grooming each other.

I searched what they are really doing it for.
As monkeys are animals with fur, lice bits them.

Not only bit, the monkeys can be skin diseases by those small lice.
To prevent the harm, even a child monkeys tries to catch lice.

Grooming is also a way to show the affection.
It is said that they only do this to the family or partners.

The winter maybe strict to them, but all seem living happily.
What I thought was that nothing will compare to love for family.

The child monkey maybe got hot staying too long in the hot spring.
Look at his tummy. Isn't it so cute?

Soon started to groom himself.
I thought that the grooming is a thing like drying the body with towel. Human kids maybe running around before doing it. Thinking about this, he is well educated by parents.

Thank you for reading!!
One day to go for weekend.

Good night!

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