The cute brothers met at Matsumoto Castle (Japanese Shiba inu / 柴犬)

At the day I went to Matsumoto castle, I met cute brothers.

They are Japanese dog breed called "Shiba inu (柴犬)".

The owner told me that they are real brothers.
Kid brother was friendly but little mischievous. The one in right side was kid brother.

Elder brother was little shy, and gentle boy.

Shiba is an ancient type of dog that their bones were found at archaeological site in Jomon Eera, about 15000 years ago. They were good buddy of human when hunting.

Their character are faithful only to owner, and keeps distance to the stranger.
This means that Shiba has good character as a guard dog.

Elder brother had more like Shiba's original character.
The kid brother was more friendly than elder brother.

Kid brother seemed want to play with his brother a lot.

The kid brother found me came near.

Came near, and licked me!!

Someday, if I can keep the dog, I want to chose Shiba.

Thank you for reading!
Good night!