Thousands of dolls placed on the stage (Suzaka Art Park / 須坂アートパーク)

In Suzaka city, there are a museum called Suzaka Art Park.
It takes an hour by car from Matsumoto city, and they displays print arts and dolls corrected from all over the places from the world.

But this period, from end of January to  middle to April, Hina dolls are displayed in the most of spaces in the museum.

The largest display had 30 stages, thousands of dolls.

Usually, dolls displayed at home are 15.
It means that there are same numbers of 70 families dolls.

Not only large groups, there were several small sets of dolls.

This set above maybe really old.
I think the dolls in set like this with house is rare, so it maybe made long time ago.

There where a lot of families visiting here and everyone were looking at the largest groups.

There were some Kimono dress that children can wear.
Some kids were wearing them.

At the next building, there was one more large sets of dolls.
There were also thousands of dolls, too.
As there were big windows, the picture become little different.

At the beginning of May, the other festival, Tango no Sekku (端午の節句), will come and other dolls will displayed here.

I would like to go there again.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!

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