Street Performance. Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? No.2 (Matsumoto / 松本)

As I wrote in previous blog, the street performance festival in Matsumoto is held once in two years.

The title of this article, "Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? ", was the theme of this year's festival. There were a lot of dreams in the street.

This creature is called "Kappa".
Kappa lives in the river, has a mail in his back, and plate on the head.

Kappa is firstly came out in the history book published in year 324. Almost 1700 years ago!
Isn't he little looks like Mutant Ninja Turtle?

The baby seemed little awake. Is he in a dream? or half awake?

Kappa is said do both bad and good things.

Sometimes he pull people into the river and let drawn.
Sometimes he helps drawn people.

Maybe, he just wanted to realized by human and become friend.

Kappa needs water to live.
If the plate on his head get dry, Kappa get weak and may die.
He went to the river and water replacement.

Few minutes walk from the river, the brass band was having a small concert.

In this sunny and really hot day, brass band was playing many funky numbers.

The temperature was 33℃ (91.4ºF) this day. The summer just started, but it was so hot!!

The boy was little bored and didn't aware that trumpet player is coming near.

Got little surprised and people laugh.

What a fun festival!!
They brought a lot of dreams.

The URL below is the official site. The site was Japanese only, but you may can feel how fun and happy the festival is, so please take a look.

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松本, 大道芸, ブラスバンド, 河童

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