Street Performance. Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? No.1 (Matsumoto / 松本)

In Matsumoto, the festival for street performer is held once in two years.
Last Sunday was the day. I saw a lot of performer in every where in the city.

I took a lot of pictures, so I will show them here in few days separately.
The first performer is Puppet performer.
There are a puppets in all over the world and same as in Japan, too.

This performer's skill is started from Edo era, more than 200 years ago.
(In some information said started in year 1635.)

I have found the performer's English homepage, so please take a look if you are interested in.

I couldn't get in time for first act, so sorry but I can't explain it...

The second act was "Shishi-mai", the lion dance.
Shishi-mai is said came from India, passing China.

For true performance, real man wears Lion mask, and dances.
In dividing largely, there are two kinds of lion dance.
Difference is dancing in one or two people.

His performance was latter one.

Please remember, what he is doing is puppet performance!!

At the end of acting Shishi-mai, the lion bites audience's head.
This is charm to against evil. The people who got bitten by the lion can avoid bad luck and they won't get sick.

I will introduce more and more performance later.
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Thank you for reading!!
Good night!!

松本大道芸, 松本, あやつり人形, 江戸

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