The temple placed in the deep mountain No.1 (Myousenji temple / 明泉寺: Saku city / 佐久, Nagano)

I took a day off, and wondered what should I do. It was sunny good day.

When I was student, I liked to go trip without any plan.
I reminded the time and how I feel at that time, become happy, and started the car.
I run for few hours, and where I reached was city called Saku.

Saku is the city in Nagano prefecture.
I looked up google and know there are temple deep in the mountain.

The temple's name was Myousenji-temple.

The temple seemed not so famous, I found it in the Saku city's homepage.
What I saw were a lot of Buddhist statue in the mountain.

I decided to go this place.

The entrance was covered with trees.
Stairs were in little dark shade, but an old woman told me that if  I walk for an hour, I can see the statues.

The entrance was like this.

I decided to walk!

What only I had was a plastic bottle filled with water.
As it was so hot day, it was not easy to walk in the mountain.

There are point stones in each 100 meters.
The picture below is 6th checkpoint.

To go the top, you have to go through 12 check points.
The picture below is 9th one.

Finally, I reached an old building.

The first statue was at the entrance.

No one is here and it was so quiet.
Only old and beautiful statue were here.

In the homepage, it is said that this temple opened 1200 years ago.
The reason was not written, but I think there are nearly thousand of statue are here.
I will introduce more in next blog.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice weekend!!

明泉寺, 佐久, 長野, 石仏, 閼伽流山

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