The temple placed in the deep mountain No.2 (Myousenji temple / 明泉寺: Saku city / 佐久, Nagano)

Today, I will continue talking about Myousenji-temple.

Not only in the garden of temple, there where a lot of statues.
I still can't find the information in the internet, I should go there and hear more detailed story from priest. What only I know now is that this temple opened about 1200 years ago.

Walking through the bushes, I saw lots of statues.

This statue were on top of the huge rock.

I wondered who and how the statue was carried up on the rock.
I think more than ten men needs to do this work.

There were half buried statue.

The statue lay down.
How many years had passed since it were lay down.

It seemed that many and many years had pasted, they seem still beautiful.

Walking back to get off the mountain, I saw beautiful sunset.
The rice fields were reflecting the sunlight and shining in red.

It maybe beautiful in winter time, in the snow.
I would like to come back in the snowy seasons.

If you are going to this temple, try not break the trees and branches to keep the nature.

Thank you for reading!
See you soon!

明泉寺, 佐久市, 閼伽流山

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