Festival which all people in the town have fun (Matsumoto Bon Bon / 松本ぼんぼん)

In the summer time, there are lot's of festivals take place everywhere in Japan.
People wears Yukata, the clothes resembles Kimono, and walks around the town.

With music of Japanese drums and flute, we dance Bon dance.
Differ from Yukata and Kimono, we wear clothes called Happi when we Bon dance and carry miniature shrine.

Matsumoto Bon Bon is the festival which started in year 1975.
Groups in 30 to 200 people dances and marches the town.

This festival is set on first Saturday of August every year, starts 6 at night.
I went out to the town to see the dance. (Not participate dancing!! Just see them.)

Mother and daughter waiting festival start.

It's good idea to get beers and snacks like Yakitori before the festival starts.

The announcement from speaker told that the festival had started.

To participate Matsumoto Bon Bon, the leader must gather 30 people.
That is the reason most of groups are from company and schools.

The people in green Happi were the group from company Nakanihon Medical Link.


Roland, the music instrument maker.

EPSON, the printer maker.

Alpico group, the bus and taxi company in Matsumoto.

Parents and children groups.

JR groups, the most largest train company in Japan.

The festival continues until 10 in the night.

The cloud was so huge, and I know we are just in the middle of summer now.

It's fun to stop at restaurant before going back home.

Thank you for reading!
See you!

松本ぼんぼん, はっぴ, 法被, 浴衣, 祭