Masterpiece from 130 years ago. (Saifukuji-temple / 西福寺, Uonuma city / 魚沼, Niigata prefecture) No.2

At the entrance of main building, you will see a carved figure.
His face, hands, and legs are crow, body is human.
In own back, he also had strong wings

In Japan, he is called "Tengu".
Tengu is thought as one of Gods in Japan.

In this chance I searched a little about Tengu, and knew one thing.

What I knew was that Tengu were human before his reincarnation.
Ascetic monks become Tengu after they have finished their training and died.

As the monks earns more power in their training, they become stronger Tengu when they reincarnated.

I realized that cloth he is wearing is monk's.

Chouun's work was so great and brilliant that the Tengu seems came out of the wood and fly away.

After I plactice more and more taking pictures, and become better, I would like to visit here and take his pictures again.

Inside of the temple, there were some paintings.
Chouun was also great drawer.




Flying Goddess

On the floor, Chouun's playful mind can be seen.

He used wood's knot and used to make a picture.
Leaves on the floor.

I also found flower in the flower.

I think there are lot's of discovery in this temple.
Not only taking a picture of Tengu, to find new hidden things, I would like to visit this temple again.

Thank you for reading!!
Have a nice weekend!

石川蝶雲, 西福寺, 開山堂, 魚沼, 新潟, 天狗

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