Street Performance. Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? finale (Matsumoto / 松本)

Thank you for reading about the performances.
This is the last day, so it will be my pleasure if you have fun.

In the time sun is going down, the performer gathered in front of the Matsumoto castle.

They each have techniques and tricks.
How lucky to see all the performances in one place!

Adults and children, everyone each have smiles in their face.
They each seemed having fun, like they are in dreams.

The drunk puppet came.
It says "SAKE" on his bottle.

Nice and sweet music where there.

Sheep and monkey met here.
The monkey is called "Son Goku" in Japan. He is most famous monkey in Japan came from China. The hero of Dragon ball where named from him, so you may be heard of it.

The tall bird where here, too.
He was so beautiful in the sky, colored by the sun.

The summer vacation has started in the schools in Japan.
I wish all kids here have nice fun memories this day.

I got more and more pictures, but I would like to end it by now.
Thank you, again for reading these articles in few days.

If you liked my pictures, please visit again!
Good night!

松本, 松本城, 大道芸, 孫悟空, 羊, 仁王像, フェイスペイント