Happy new year with most beautiful mountain in Japan. (本栖湖/Lake Motosu, 中央道/Chu-ou dou highway, 厚木/Atsugi)

Japan has few days holiday in end and beginning of the year, I moved with a car running through a highway, Chu-ou dou highway(中央道).

This highway runs Yamanashi prefecture (山梨県), where Mt. Fuji (富士山) exists.
(Mt. Fuji is placed half  in Yamanashi prefecture, and half in Shizuoka prefecture.)

The time and places changes Mt. Fuji's beauty.
The first place I would like to show is lake Motosu.

There are 5 lakes near Mt. Fuji, and lake Motosu is one of them.
As it is warm winter in Japan this year, a little snow could see near the lake.

There were people who enjoys fishing, taking pictures, and camping.
Good nice nature still left here.

Click here to see map of lake Motosu.

Mt. Fuji could also see from the highway.
It appears suddenly.

When it comes to open place where no trees are not around the highway, you can see whole shape of Mt. Fuji.

Towards coming near closer, Mt. Fuji becomes larger.

I have to say one thing!
I was in passenger seat, not driving. In Japan, driver's seat is in right side, and cars run left side of the load.

The place I thought beautiful was Koufu Shouwa (甲府昭和) interchange.

Click here to see map of Koufu Shouwa interchange.

The last place I took picture was at a road in Atsugi city (厚木市), Kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県).

As Kanagawa prefecture is quite far from Mt. Fuji, it can be seen only when the weather is good and air is clear.

I was lucky this day, the condition was so good in the time of dawn.
This place was just a parking space of Seven Eleven.

Click here to see the map of see this parking lot.

I could see these all Mt. Fuji in same day, the first day of year 2016, it maybe lucky year.

I'm wishing that the world will become peace, and my family can pass the year healthy.

Thank you for reading!
Wishing everyone had started happy and nice year!!!

富士山, 本栖湖, 中央道, 甲府昭和, 厚木