Sending back God and fortune dolls to the sky: 1 (San-ku-ro/三九郎, Matsumoto/松本市)

At January 10th of this year, a festival called "San-ku-ro (三九郎)" had held in Mtasumoto city.
It is a festival which burns New Year's decorations and fortune dolls called "Daruma (達磨)".

Before burned, I saw the towers like these every where at riverside in Matsumoto city.

Daruma is a doll of ancient Buddhist who came from India.
His name is "Bodhidharma (菩提達磨)".
He born in India at end of 5th century and went to China.

He was the originator of the "Zen (禅)", the famous religion of Buddhism.

Before buying Daruma, eyes are not drawn yet.

When we buy them, we draw one eye wishing something.
After the wish came true, we will draw other eye.
Even the wish comes true or not, the dolls will be burned at this day and sent to the sky.

This is one of our way to wish something to god.

At the temple in the mountain near Matsumoto city, large and high tower than others.
The temple's name is "Toku-un-ji temple (徳運寺)".

An old woman was walking near the tower.
You can understand the height of the tower comparing to her.

At the night, this tower was burned by the fire which monk had lighted.

I have little more pictures taken this temple, so I will introduce them later.

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