Street Performance. Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? No.4 (Matsumoto / 松本)

Some performers also came from abroad.
One of the most fantastic performers were from China.

They are called Chinese Acrobatics.

She came with colorful costume and masks.

I think she was wearing almost 20 masks, and took off in time of blink.

As her performance was so fast, I just could take only one pattern of mask changes.

I thought the mask little looks like the one which I saw in Venice in Italy.
As I wrote in previous article, it was so hot day, she said she felt refreshed after taking her masks.

She also could do acrobatic performance.
Changed her costume, and started to climb to the sky using chairs.

It is hard to believe, but the chairs are pair and not connected.
She stacked them each and climb them up.

They were so high that I couldn't take all the chairs in one picture.

In the direction of her eyesight, there were Matsumoto castle.
I think she saw the most beautiful sight in that day.

In the same place, percussion group from Senegal came and had small concert.

The time was around dusk, I enjoyed their moody music.
A child was swaying with music.

The player seemed realized her, and smiling.
It was time like dreaming.

In the next article, I will write about finale of the festival.

Thank you for reading the blog.
Have a nice weekend!

松本城, 松本, 中国雑技団, セネガル