When your are stuck, it is good thing to see the sea. (Place which used in "Slam Dunk" the comic in Japan / Enoshima island, Fujisawa city)

When I was high school student, I lived near the sea.
I used to go to there when I was stuck with something.

Enoshima island is located in Fujisawa city, it is famous place for sightseeing.
Fujisawa is placed next to Kamakura, and lot of people comes in summer time.

This place is also become famous which used in the comic in Japan, "SlumDunk."

In the article of news programs, I heard that lots of visitors from Asian countries are coming to here who read this comic.

As this place is quite far from the airport, I thought the article is little dramaful.
I went back there and knew it was not overblown. There were a lot of people!!

I become grad that my hometown become little famous.

"Slum Dunk" is one of my favorite comic book, and went through them to remember this place.

I got two more places which I likes to go.
They are near to Enoshima island.

At the end of the story, Sakuragi Hanamichi, the main character of the comic is reading a letter at the beach. The rival, Rukawa Kaede, comes and shows his uniform which written "Japan".
(He Rukawa become representation of Japan.)

The shapes of tower in the island changed, but we still can see the same sight there.

It become warm, so it is good season to visit here.
I took a little more picture here, so I will introduce them in next blog.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!