The soft lights flew over the river (Fireflies in Matsumoto/松本)

In fewdays ago, I took a walk along the river to get refreshed.

As it was quite late time near the midnight, it was so quiet that only thing I hear was sound of a stream.  About 5 minutes walk, I realized some lights are flying near the river.

At first, I thought that dew on the leaves are reflecting the lights, but it was moving randomly.
I soon realized that they are fireflies.

In Japan, fireflies can be seen only place that the water is really clean and clear.
I did know that Matsumoto city has nice water, but didn't think that enough clear as firefly can live.

I was really surprised and become happy to see them.
The reason was that to see fireflies, usually we have to go quite far place like in the mountain or forest that people doesn't live.

Some of them even came to my house.

I was thinking to go other place to see the firefly, so I may write about them again.
If I can take more beautiful pictures, I will introduce them here.

Thank you for reading!!
Good night :)