Take a walk along the beach side. (Kugenuma beach side / 鵠沼海岸 and Enoshima Island / 江の島, Fujisawa city / 藤沢)

Japan is still in the rainy season, but we some time can see beautiful sky.
The light breaks clouds and shines on the waves.

Kugenuma seaside is a beach in area called Shonan, and one of the famous spot for surfer.
Even in the winter season, there are a lot of surfers here.

When the summer comes, surfers rather decreases in the daytime. As a lot of tourists comes to Kugenuma, surfers goes to beach in early morning.

The waves are not so big compare to foreign beaches, but everyone seems having fun here.

It's about an hour train ride to here from Tokyo, please visit Enoshima.
You can enjoy cute ? station and fresh sea foods here.

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