Worship the dragon as a god (The legend of Enoshima island / 江の島, Ryukou-ji temple / 龍口寺)

You will see a lot of dragons near Enoshima island.

At the temples and shrines, there are dragons everywhere.
Statues and reliefs are in the buildings and gates.

A legend will leads you to the reason.
A long time ago, there was a large lake in Kamakura and five-head dragon lived there.
The dragon was so strong, that even the gods can't hold him.

Dragon was harmful to human.
He brought earthquakes, floods, and plagues.
Dragon even kidnapped children and ate them. Human hated the dragon, but couldn't do anything.

In the year 552, black clouds covered the sky, and huge earthquake and tsunami struck Fujisawa and Kamakura. The earthquake continued for ten days, and explosion occur in the ocean.

The earthquake and explosion wasn't done by the dragon.
He was also watching it all.

All the sudden, sunlight and goddess came down between the clouds.
For goddess's beauty, dragon fell in her at once. He soon said her to become wife.
The answer was no. She hated the dragon's evilness.

Dragon promised the goddess that he will become good and protect the human.
They got married.

Dragon kept a promise.

When drought occur, he let the rain fell to the dry ground.
He fought with typhoon and earthquakes. He pushed out the tsunami, too.

Dragon was strong, but he kept promise for long, long time.
A day which he lose all power come.

To protect human and the goddess, he decided to transform himself to a mountain.
He kept the promise even after his death.

The mountain is called Enoshima island now.

The picture I used today is seen at Ryukouji-temple, which near from Enoshima station.
"Ryukouji" means the "temple of Dragon's mouth".

If you climb up the stairs behind the temple, you can see beautiful beach sides.

Maybe dragon was watching the same sight in thousands of years ago.

If you got a chance to come Enoshima island, please remind about the dragon.

Thank you for reading!!
Good night!!

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