Enoden, the tram runs next to the sea, loved by citizens for long times. (Fujisawa / 藤沢 & Kamakura / 鎌倉)

Not so much trams are in Japan.
As Japan is not so large country, it maybe difficult to make loads wide that car and trams both run at same time.

Enoden, which official name is Enoshima electric railways, connects Fujisawa station and Kamakura station.

It's about 30 minutes trip, but there are lots of places to see.
This railways quite famous because the stations and railway is shown and used in movies and dramas in Japan. Even used in comic book, too. (I have introduced "Slum Dunk".)

This time, I walked from Enoshima station to Kamakura Koukou mae station.
It is about 1.5km, took about an hour swinging to some temples.

This cross load is near the temple called "Ryu Kou ji".
I took some of picture, so I will introduce in later blog.

The train with lots of pictures drawn came!!

I found fish shop near the Koshigoe station.
Not only fresh fish, cooked fishes were in the shop window.

These are fried fishes.

Roasted fishes!!

These seems and absolutely matches rice.
I bought one fry and ate near the beach.

Fish shop seems like this.

Few minutes walk, train comes out next to the beach.

Few minutes walk took me to Kamakura koukou mae station.

Enoden runs really near the people and cars.
I met surfer going back to home. As child sheet was on the bicycle, he must be somebody's father.

The Enoden next to Mercedes.

There are more and more beautiful places in the railroad of Enoden.
I will visit there soon and show it to you again.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!

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