Taking own favorite pictures (Snapshots near the sea.)

In my recent blogs, I wrote and introduced pictures of temples, shrines, events, the specific something.

During my stay near the sea for few days, I took a lot of pictures.
Those are just my favorite thing.

Watching and picking up those pictures, I tried to decide a common theme.
Thinking for few hours, what I realize was it's too difficult to decide it in one.

Today, I will upload my favorite pictures and little explanation. No theme.
I'm glad if there a picture which make you feel happy or fun.

There are lot's of kites near the beach.

When I was high school student, I some times skipped school and came to the beach.
The kites are so quick like NINJA, they sometimes stole my & my friend's snacks.

I think they are cool and beautiful, don't you think so?

They are really hunters. When you are eating snacks like hamburgers and hot dogs, be careful!!

The guardian dogs were wearing a clothes on their heads.
There maybe some kind of meanings to those clothes, but they seemed just cute to me.

The statue of turtle was in this shrine.

The words said "The God, Dragon King". I didn't see dragon here.

The surfer taking a rest.
Good luck for them to catch a nice wave!

This is all for today.
Thank you for reading.

Good night!

Keywords: 江の島、鎌倉、とんび、鳶