Street Performance. Was it a dream or were am I half asleep? No.3 (Matsumoto / 松本)

Not only Japanese performance, there are some Western style performances.
(I felt they are Western style performer.)

With sound of horn, tall bird came.
The horn's sound was like a instrument used when soccer games.

In the profile, the sound of horn is his (her?) tweet.
A lot of children came with him.

The bird reminded me a fairy tale the man who takes children playing flute.

I looked up the wikipedia, and the tale was "The Pied Piper"
Do you know the story?

Be careful to the cars!!

I walked a little, and met other animal.


In the center of main street, I found a sheep!!


When I found him (her?), he stand up high.

A lot of children were here, too!

At that time, strange statue came across.

I thought he was staring at me and other people in scary eyes...

But, I know he is gentle statue.
I met him at other place.

 He was taking picture with a boy.

In next blog, I will write about performers came from abroad!
Their performance were great.

I'm glad if you have fun and visit my blog again!

Good night!

松本, 大道芸, 羊, 鳥, 金剛力士像