Meiji-mura museum 2: An instrument brought to Japan, tracking silk road. (Biwa / 琵琶)

Walking around in the park, I heard a sound of an instrument.
Going inside of a famous author's house, I met an old man playing instrument called "Biwa (琵琶)".

Not only playing them, he was also teaching it.

I searched about this instrument, Biwa, and knew that it came from Persia going through Eurasia continent using silk road.

In the history, the instrument was called "Barubattto" in Persia.
The instrument traveled to east going through the Silk road.

When it reached to Vietnum, called "Tipa".
When it reached to China, called "Pipa".

It is also said that become guitar when it went to western world.

I picked this picture up from Wikipedia.
In wikipedia, this man lived thousand years ago, playing Biwa.

The old man told me that he is playing Biwa since he was little boy.
He said that he is over 90 years old, so he must be playing it neary 80 years!

He told me that there are no musical scores for Biwa.
Instead of scores, the players wrote poem, and sing it with sounds of Biwa.
The poems are written on the papers in front of him.

His voice was also beautiful.

Sound of the instrument and the songs made me feel the depth of history.

Stepping outside, I saw a cat's figurine on the sunny warm porch.
If the real cat came here, he or she may sit on same place.

Today's theme was Japanese side culture, so I will introduce western side next time.

Thank you for reading.
Cheer up and get through one more day for weekend!!

Good night!

明治村, 琵琶, 夏目漱石