Meiji-mura museum 1: Meiji era, the time when Japan met western world (Meiji-mura museum / 明治村)

Japan uses special chronogram.
When emperor of Japan pass away, one era ends.

Now we are living era named "Heisei (平成)".

The era was "Meiji (明治)" when Japan met western world.
Meiji era started in 1868, ended 1912.
After Meiji era, the time changed to Taisho (大正) 1912-1926, next Showa (昭和) 1926-1989, and now Heisei.

Meiji and Taisho were good bright era.
Japan and western culture mixed and beautiful buildings and arts had created.

In Aichi prefecture, there is an park named "Meiji-mura museum (明治村)".
This park has lots of buildings which relocated from every where in Japan.

In this summer, I heard a classic hotel will get rebuild. The hotel's name was "Hotel Okura".

I heard about it in the last day when the hotel get closed, so I lost a chance to see the building forever.

It is to be shamed, but these things happens often in Japan.
Sometimes business takes priority to the culture.

Meiji-mura, located an hour from Nagoya station, has lot's of old buildings, houses, and machines.
Some of them where relocated before tear down.

Some of them were more western, some of them were more Japanese.
Today's picture is a introduction, and will introduce some of them which I liked in few days.

Thank you for reading!
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