Color red, covering everything (Yohashira shrine / 四柱神社, Trees in Matsumoto city)

In the middle of November, we Japanese goes to shrine and wishes the children to grow healthy.
We call the event Shichi-Go-San (七五三).

"Shichi" means "Seven", "Go" means "Five", and "San" means "Three".
In Kanji, we write it 七五三, but in number, it becomes 753.

When the child become 3, 5, and 7 years old, the parents takes him or her to the shrine, waring Kimono.

The day was in perfect, good weather, shrine was covered in red with leaves.
This shrine, Yohashira-shrine (四柱神社), is placed in the middle of Matsumoto city.

Blue sky and red leaves, the bright colors made me feel the air crispy.

I found some families coming to shrine for 753.
Mom was giving her daughter something.

This girl was given balloon and candy.
Long stick candy is in paper bag in her left hand. The candy is called Chitose (千歳) candy.
Chitose means "Thousand years old". The candy is named to wish the children to live long.

The shrine seemed filled with peace.
It was good sunny weekend.

The street shop selling small toys.

Way back home with bicycle, I found interesting tree.

I thought this tree shapes like a heart.
How do you think?

Thank you for reading!
Good night!

四柱神社, 七五三, 千歳飴, 紅葉, ハート