Meiji-mura museum 3: Classic hotel which watched modern times of Japan (Teikoku hotel TOKYO / 帝国ホテル)

In the year 1890, Teikoku hotel (帝国ホテル) had opened in Tokyo.
The time period in Japan was Meiji, Japan was coming near to western world.

Teikoku hotel was built next to Rokummei kan (鹿鳴館), which used for hosting state visitors from abroad. Teikoku hotel worked together closely, those visitors stayed there.

In the year 1919, one of the most famous architect in the world, Frank Lloyd Wright had invited and designed new building.

As he held uncompromising thinking to make high quality hotel, the cost had expanded so much.
The cost had expanded 6 times larger than the budget, the top managers become against him.

The general manager of this hotel, Aisaku Hayashi (林愛作), was good friend of Lloyd and convinced other managers for long time, but an accident lead Lloyd removal of direction.

The fire occur to old building and had to use the new building earlier than the plan.

When hotel was preparing for opening, the huge earthquake struck Tokyo. The great Kanto earthquake in 1923.

Lloyd was in U.S., but heard that building which he designed survived the disaster with no damage. It is said that he felt honest when he knew the news.

During World war 2, the hotel was destroyed about 40% by bombings.
After the war ended, U.S. condemn the building and repaired them. Not only repairing, new building also had built.

Until 1967, the building which Lloyd had designed were used as hotel.
I found old picture of the past hotel.

Now, the entrance hall was rebuild at Meiji-mura village.

In the hall, there are several furniture and household equipment still stored.
You also can see the garnishes which Lloyd designed there.

The pillars had little exotic atmosphere.

Other side were like these.

The tiles of the walls.

Chairs and table sets.

The lights of the halls.
Large and small lights, they each were designed beautiful and splendid.

Entrance and door were like this.
In the record, Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe had also visited the hotel.

They also had passed these doors, too.

I felt like I may can see the good old days of Tokyo, if I close my eyes.

I really regrets that I didn't visit hotel Okura before the old building had gone...
I thought I must go to see these kinds of good old, antique buildings as I can.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!

明治村, 帝国ホテル, フランク ロイド ライト, クラシックホテル