Meiji-mura museum 5: Western world brought transportation technology (Shinagawa lighthouse/品川燈台, steam train/上蒸気機関車, Uji-Yamada Post office/宇治山田郵便局 )

Inuyama city, where Meiji-mura park placed, is in the mountain.
As there were a lake in the park, I was surprised when I saw a light house.

The lighthouse was first built at Shinagawa port, where only 2 stations from Tokyo station.
When Japan had opened the country to abroad, the port were made to several places.
Shinagawa port was one of them. A French man named Verny built lighthouse here.
The lighthouse's name was "Shinagawa lighthouse (品川燈台)".

Japanese woodblock print also had left with building.

In the museum near the lighthouse, huge light bulbs were displayed.

It was first time I saw the light bulb of lighthouse, so I got surprised of their size.

Now the lighthouse is placed on the top of hill, looking down a lake and mountains.
Verny would never thought that lighthouse will be move in the mountain.

Not only the sea transporting, the land transporting had also changed.

Steam train had imported to Japan, and run from Shinbashi, the station next to Tokyo, to Yokohama.

 This train is brought to Japan in year 1874 from England.
The company's name was "Sharp Stewart & Co.".

When turning around, it is done by man's power.

Two men pushing the train with part of railroad.

As the transportation performance had advanced, the postal service also had evolved.
Postal service had started in year 1870. The first post office was built in Tokyo.

Ujiyamada postal office, the picture below, had opened in year 1909, Ise city, Mie prefecture.
The office was used for 60 years, and moved to Meiji-mura museum in 1969.

In the office, you can see the letter boxes which used in each ages.

In the behind of these boxes, there are real office is in service. You can send a letter from here to anywhere in the world.

There are more and more buildings and heritages here in this museum.
If you have a chance to go Nagoya, and have extra times, I will recommend going here.

You can see the moment which the Western culture had blended into Japanese culture.

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明治村, 灯台, 蒸気機関車