Craft fair Matsumoto 2015 vol.1 (Matsumoto / 松本)

In Matsumoto city, a fair that craftsman in Japan assembles took place in end of May every year.
In sunny weather, I went to a park named "Agata no mori" today.

There are many kinds of crafts. Shoes, clothes, hats, bags, dishes, table wears...
Today I will show you Japanese-kinds of crafts mainly.

These are crafts made by bamboo.
These are lunch box, bags and plates. In the samples, I was surprised one sample. I had memo which written "used for 20 years.".

These are tea pods for Japanese tea.
Many ladies were watching them.

Chopsticks and bowls.
We use these bowls mostly for miso-soup.

I'm not sure what to use, but I think this is a kind of toy.

Japanese sandal

It was so sunny day!
I bought a lemonade.
It was so cold and tasty.

It is written "Lemonade shop" in Japanese.

The fair take places until tomorrow!
May this weather keeps til tomorrow!