The festival once in seventh year (Zenkoji temple / 善光寺 "Gokaicho / 御開帳" ) vol. 4

I goes to temples and shrines and pray for little things.
Always thanks god to being healthy, and living peacefully.

What people pray for?
Whether their hopes or wishes are small or large, it seems beautiful when people praying.

At Zenkoji temple, their are pillars with strings connected to deeply inside temple.
The pillar's name is "Ehobashira" and it is said that the string is connected to Buddha's statue.
For details about Ehobashira, please read my following blog.

Their where shrine dog, the guardian of the temple, under the most large Ehobashira at Zenkoji temple. As it was so crowded at the day I visited he seemed very nervous.
I said to him in my heart "Don' worry. No one won't take a ball from you."