O inari san in Kamakura (Sasuke inari shrine / 佐助稲荷, Kamakura / 鎌倉) vol.3

You will see a lot of Torii, the gates to the shrine, and banner flags here in Sasuke inari shrine.

In the ancient Japan, the color red is treated as sacred and valuable color.
There are several meanings to this color.

It is thought as a color which beats the evil.
And it is thought that get rid of rats, birds and insects which damages farm crops.
To color the Torii, ancient Japanese used mercury and become red.
Mercury have effects to the insects, so it was not just a saying.

I got a question why foxes wearing red clothes.
The person who gave me a question knew several things about Japanese culture.

He asked me "Jizo (the small standing budda statue in the streets) is wearing red clothes, too and is it same meanning? He also knew the meaning of red clothes, too. People prays for children's health to Jizo, and let them wear red clothes.

The meaning of clothes for foxes in shrines are same as Jizo.

O inari san's favorite food is Inari sushi.
Inari sushi is also called "O inari san" in Japanese. I didn't know why they are called same.
I would like to research about this sushi soon.

I recommend to go to Zeni arai benten shrine.
There are small booth there and inside, you can eat little sweet delicious Inari sushi and Great Budda beer.

Go through the red tunnel, and have a tasty Inari sushi!

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