Gagaku concert, the oldest ensemble in the world (Matsumoto city / 松本市) vol.4

The last act for the Gagaku concert was "Ryou Ou".
I was expecting to see this act most and will upload a lot of pictures today.

Ryou Ou, is also said as Ran Ryou Ou. I will write about Ran Ryo Ou this time.
It is written like this in Japanese.

Ran Ryo Ou is a king in China, the kingdom named Hokusei which flourished 550 A.D..
He is said that he was really handsome looking, and also had gentle character.

When the war began, he lead soldiers to the battlefields.
He was brave and valiant king, but the his beauty and kindness appeared as minus point in the war. Soldiers were absorbed in their beautiful king and become dreamy feelings. Of course they were very weak.

Ran Ryou Ou had to do something to get over the crisis.

One day, he wore fierce looking mask.
The soldiers were surprised and feared how their king changed.

Ran Ryou Ou whipped his soldiers with fierce mask, and the soldiers fought strongly to their enemy.

They won the war.

This act is showing a seen that Ran Ryou Ou is wearing the mask.

I knew Ran Ryou Ou from a comic in Japan, a manga, named "Shura no Mon".
The lead character is a heir of ancient Japanese martial art and he fought with kung fu fighter from Taiwan. The kung fu fighter's name was Ran Ryou Ou.

In manga, Ran Ryou Ou was like this.

In this story, Ran Ryou Ou become stronger after taking off his mask.

I will both recommend to see Gagaku and read Shura no Mon.