A school created as an art & a school turned to arts ( Last Classroom & A classroom made with blackboard: Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 / 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015, Niigata prefecture)

The last works I want to introduce are two kinds.
One is a temporary school made in museum, and the other is an old school turned to arts.

The first art is called "Last classroom".
The arts are placed at closed school named "Higashigawa elementary school".

Works are using lights and darkness, describing all people had gone at last.
The corridor in orange light.

When no people was there, I felt loneliness and fear that I maybe taken to some where other world.

Gymnasium filled with fan and small lights. The lights were like snowflakes.

Some people was watching the ceiling lie on the bench.

Music room with mirrors on the wall.

The classroom filled with glass boxes. They seemed like tombs and the room felt little cold.

As children are decreasing, schools are getting closed in Tokamachi.
I thinks the artists, Christian Boltanski and Jean Kalman, were describing the problem accurately.

Not only in Tokamachi, Japan is in same problem.
The people are getting older, we have to think to grow children, and elder may have to work little longer time than fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers.

I saw a sweet couple in gymnasium and felt little warm.
We have to do our best to keep Japan beautiful and peace.


The last work I want to introduce is named "A classroom made with blackboard".

Walls, desks, chairs and even globe were made with blackboard.

People who visit here can write anything they want using chalks.

See this flog.

Someone draw them as a picture.

The cat and dog drawn on the desk.
They were cute and I felt warm again.

These were all arts I wanted to show you.
There were more and more beautiful and fantastic arts, but I will introduce you someday.

The place I live is getting little cold and autumn is comming.
Yesterday was famous night that Japanese thinks that best full moon comes up in the year.
Also, today we can see super moon, the large moon than always.

I took pictures with Mastumoto castle yesterday, so I will introduce them in few days.

Thank you for reading!!
Good night!

大地の芸術祭, 越後妻有, トリエンナーレ, 新潟, 十日町, 津南, まつだい, 最後の教室, 黒板の教室

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