If you are grown up, what will you make with mud ? (Soil museum & Mole: TV Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 / 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015, Niigata prefecture)

Unfortunately, the days I have visited triennale were mostly rainy.
As Tokamachi and Tsunan are country side, there were a lot of muddy places.
My car become dirty and had to wash twice in this few weeks.
(I have to wash it once more time...)

Using the closed school, artists created "Soil museum".
They brought great amount of soil and mud in side of school and created many works.

See this huge mud ball. I forgot exactly, but I think it was written it weights more than 20 tons!

When I saw this, I thought "If adults play with mud, I will become like this..."
There were lot's of works like this inside of the school.

This is the entrance.

Going through the circle wood, people can go inside.
A lots of mud balls were stuck to the fence.

Not only in the house, we Japanese takes off at school, too.
I felt weird, a little tickling feelings when I stepped inside.

Corridor and walls were covered with soils!!
I think a lot of Japanese people feels like me.

The cave inside of the class room.

The clothes dyed using dirt of Tokamachi.
They were curled to wheels.

They were quite colorful, almost green, brown, blue and orange.
I reminded the artist who creates clothes for Kimono who I met during craft fair in Matsumoto.

Along the stair way going upper floor, window was covered with a picture.

The artist brought soils from several places, and drawn this picture.
I saw dusts flying in the air. I felt like I'm in the desert.

In the music room, piano was left there.
It was also became a part of an art.

The school was closed in 2009.
The piano may be happy to see the people visiting.

In the other class room, there were a lot of samples of soils.

In the lights, shadows made by the rocks were beautiful. Just a sample become an art.
Sample where not only corrected in Japan. I also found a soil from Russia and China.

They were like pictures from nature.

At the corridor of upper floor, there were animals and birds created my mud and woods.
The first picture, a bird was set here, too.

As I wrote at the top, this space was named "Soil museum" in English.
In Japanese, it is called "Mogura no Yakata."

"Mogura" means "mole" and "Yakata" means "house".
In the wall, there were cute picture of mole.

One more artist was using mole as a theme.
He was growing vegetables and creating a TV programs wearing full body suits of mole.
The program were mostly composed with interviews to the artist who participate to this festival.

TV program was shown on internet, but also could hear in the radio, too.
As he done an hour program a day, people who visit here can talk with him.

Even he was beard man, the kids really loved him.

Today, I introduced arts using soils.
I will set some other theme and show the pictures soon.

Thank you for reading!
Good night!

大地の芸術祭, もぐらの館, 越後妻有, トリエンナーレ, 新潟, もぐらTV