We celebrates harvest moon (Cyu-syu no meigetsu / 中秋の名月, Beautiful full moon in middle autumn)

In Japan, people enjoys full moon in September.

We calls the full moon night "Cyu-syu no meigetsu."
"Cyu-syu" means "Middle of autumn" and "meigestu" means "beautiful full moon".

At the end of August, we harvests vegetables.
When October comes, we harvests good rice.

In the middle period of harvest, people thanks for good vegetables, and wishes for good rice.

It maybe near to Thanks giving day in U.S..

Not only flowers, we decorates silver glasses and dumplings at this time.

In front of Matsumoto castle, a small festival was held at this day.
Ladies Kimono were serving Japanese tea.

I heard music of Japanese instruments from the castle.

In the soft lights, people seemed enjoying night walking.

I didn't know that this days was global-scale moon day, "Super moon".
Isn't it fantastic that every one in the world were watching the moon this day?

I think we can still see beautiful moon today.

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice evening!!

中秋の名月, 松本城, 観月, お月見, 団子

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