Light magic, beautiful pictures flies out from a book. (Hokuetsu-Seppu: Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 / 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015, Niigata prefecture)

This art was so beautiful that I went to see it twice, in different days.
In the dark room, a book was set in the spot light.

Once you open the book, turning the pages, the pictures floats up and runs up the curtain.

The work's name was "Light book - 北越雪譜 (Hokuetsu-Seppu) -".

"北越 Hokuetsu" is the middle northern area's name in Japan.
"雪 Se" means "snow".
"譜 ppu" means written or set in clear order.

This book was written by Bokushi Suzuki, who lived 200 years ago.
The story was about life in Hokuetsu, telling both how beautiful and how severe the snows are.

Takahiro Matsuo, the modern artist, restored the book as light art in this world now.

The texts are also hologram, shown to each pictures. They are title of pictures.

As they were moving lights, it was so difficult to take pictures.

I wanted to explain how they are beautiful, but I need to study about camera more and more...

I wish Mr. Suzuki will show new works in next triennale.
I want to take more better pictures and introduce to you next time.

Thank you for reading!
Good night!

大地の芸術祭, 越後妻有, トリエンナーレ, 新潟, 十日町, 津南, 北越雪譜

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