Supply nutrients to heart and brain (Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015 / 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015, Niigata prefecture)

I‘m visiting Niigata prefecture frequently in these weekends.

The Art festival "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015" there.
This festival were started at year 2000 with several proposals.

The host towns, Tokamachi and Tsunan are known as heavy snowfall area.
As it's severity of climate, depopulation and aging society is proceeding in these area.

The artist and the town office workers think hard and worked together and started this festival to bring people and energize the area.

Despite severeness in the winter, the land is rich there.
Niigata prefecture is most famous land for production of rice in Japan.
Not only for eating, those rice are used for Sake.

I saw a interesting catch-phrase in the homepage.

"In summer, cultivate the fields; in winter, cultivate the mind."

They thought to connect art, nature and farming and held a festival here.
Using old houses, parks and abolished schools for site, they created arts concerns farming and natures.

There are 379 art works this year.
The first art which I visited was "Remaining lights".
The artist's name is Kaori Tanaka.

Her works was displayed in old house, built almost 200 years ago.
The entrance was like this.

The first picture was focused to fire place, but this time focused to her work.

Japanese taste pictures had cool atmosphere.
This day was so hot, but inside of the house felt little cool.

An old man was looking at her works in serious face.

Next place I went is Ubusuna-house.
This place was old house built in 1924.

Ceramic artist made a lot of works and used here.
This place is also famous as good restaurant.

I ordered lunch here and looked around arts.

A chimney in the kitchen.

The body side was like this.

Everyone is eating their lunch fire place.
Long and thin.

The lights of bulb are really warm.

Bath tab was also made of ceramic.
As this place is cold in winter, the bath tab seemed keeps hot.
I was thinking that it is like a large Japanese tea cup.

In the second floor, I could see everyone having lunch between poles.

There were some works made with iron.

There were small room like tea space and tea set was there.

Going back to first floor, the lunch was ready.
This day's special was ginger pork saute.

It was so delicious that I want to go there just to eat lunch, even it takes few hours from my house.

As I have visited this festival three times, using four days, so I got lots and lots of pictures.
The festival had ended just today, but I will introduce them separately in later some weeks.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice sunday night!

大地の芸術祭, うぶすなの家, 越後妻有, トリエンナーレ, 新潟, 田中芳

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