Japanese drama, played outside in the middle of summer season. (Nou play / 能, Matsumoto castle / 松本城) vol.2

September came and it is getting cooler here.
(I heard it is still hot in Tokyo, though...)

Before the autumn comes, I have some more themes which I want to introduce here.
I have to make little more time...

Anyway, I will write about next Nou play.

The act's name is "Ten-Ko".

Before the night comes, the fire was lit on fire woods.

Craftsman sets the woods.

The fire was brought by priestess.

Fire were lit by the students from Taiwan and France.
I'm glad to see the foreign people participates this kinds of event.

 I wish the students liked the event and interested in Japanese culture.

After the night came, the act started.

"Ten" means "Heaven" and "Ko" means "hand drum".

At era of "Kan", a kingdom in old China prospered about 2200 years ago, a boy named Tenko born. At a night day before he born, his mother saw strange dream.

A hand drum came down from the sky, and it went inside of her body.
When he born, the hand drum really fell from the sky.

Tenko grown and loved the drum.
When he plays it, the beautiful sound spread in the air.

The emperor heard about the drum, and he wished to have it.
Soldiers came to Tenko, and took the drum.
Not only robbed the drum, he was killed by the soldier even he was just a child.

The parents were in distress over losing Tenko.

Few years later, father were called by the emperor.
The drum never made a sound and emperor thought his father may can play it.

The act started from the scene Tenko's father met emperor.

When he saw the drum, he reminded Tenko, and break down crying.

He thought he also can't make the drum sound like someone else.
If he can't, he knew that he will get killed.

He was prepared of his death, and started beat the drum.

The drum made beautiful sound, and emperor was moved.
Emperor soon realized that it was mistake that he killed Tenko.

He apologized father and promised to hold a mass for Tenko.

At that time, the soul of Tenko came, and started to play the drum and dance.

As he was just a child. He seemed really happy and fun playing the drum and dancing.

He danced through out the night, until the morning comes.
When the sunlight came up, he disappeared.

Before morning comes, act ended.

In the light of fire, Nou play seemed beautiful.
I'm glad if my picture can show it's beauty a little to you.

Thank you for reading!

松本城, 薪能, 夏, 8月, 天鼓