An old temple and a cat (Anraku-ji temple / 安楽寺, Bessyo Onsen / 別所温泉)

Before taking a bath in hot spring, I've visited temples.
It's not bad to walk a lot, get little tired, and get in hot bath.

This day, I went to a temple named Anraku-ji temple (安楽寺) in Bessyo Onsen (別所温泉).

As it was little cloudy day, it was difficult to take a picture in dark place...

Going through the dim woods, there where three-storied pagoda.

I have waited the sunlight comes, but it was unlucky day for me.
The less lights only let me take dark pictures.

Maybe I can take little more better picture in morning time.
I should come here in other day.

In the way back, I met cute cat.
She was attached to human, and could chuck her.

Her first contact was like this.
I regret that the pint was little out from her face.

She was purring.

She seems feeling really well.

And... rolling.

I was lucky to meet her, become happy feeling.
But she hardly let me go.
She sit on the feet.

I have to come back here someday in the morning time to take a picture of beautiful building and meet the cat again.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice weekend!!

別所温泉, 崇福山安楽寺, 三重塔