The hot spring in the mountain which deer had told us (Kakeyu Onsen / 鹿教湯温泉)

It is getting cold where I live and was 6℃ (42.8F) in this morning.
In 3 month ago, it was 39℃ (102.2F) around here. The changes of season is amazing.
The snow will cover around here in a month or so.

In these cold days, I like going to Onsen, the hot spring.

The hot sprin where I went was Kakeyu (鹿教湯) Onsen.
"鹿" means "deer", "教" means "teach" or "tell", and  "湯" means "hot water".

The reason why this place has the name is like this.

Long time ago, there was a huntsman.
He was godly person, never hunt too, much and prayed god a lot.

One day, he couldn't find any animal at all.
He went deep and deep in the mountain, and finally found a deer.

He shot an arrow and it hit the deer.

The deer run away with an arrow in his back. The deer seemed injured, but hunts man couldn't find him in that day.

Next day, the huntsman went into same mountain to find the deer.
He walked all day, and went into the deep place in the mountain again.

About the time he resigned himself to go home, he found the deer.
The deer was in a pond.

He looked painful at first, but soon become fine, and jumped out the pond.

The huntsman felt strange and went near the pond.
It wasn't a pond. It was a hot spring.

Suddenly, Bosatsu, a Buddhist saint, came out.
The name of saint is "Monjyu".

Monjyu said like this.
"You prayed a lot, so I lead you here using a deer. This hot spring can heal sickness and injury. Tell the people about this place to use as healing."

It is said that this story was about 1200 years ago.
Still people is coming to this place.

I found some signs of the deer here.
This is the cover of manhole. Isn't it cute?

I heard that there are a temple named "Monjyu-do (文殊堂)". It means a house which enshrine Monjyu. I decided to go there.

I reached a river which have wooden bridge.
It was covered with red, yellow and orange leaves and so beautiful.

I found Jizou (地蔵), also a Buddhist saint.

He was wearing red clothes.
It is cold place, so someone in this village made it for him.

Crossing the bridge, and I reached a stairway.

Climbing this stairway, there was a temple.

This is the Monjyu-dou.

There were a picture of dragon, and cute birds on the ceiling of this temple.

Is this statue made as Monjyu?
It seemed little different from usual Buddhist statue.

Next to the Monjyu-dou, there where one more old temple.

As the roof was made of old thatch, the weed were growing.
Take a closer look, it seems like this.

As the building will get collapsed, there were information said that will soon fixed to wooden roof.
I was lucky that I could see the original roof before fixed.

Before leaving here, I saw a small, but beautiful Japanese garden.

This place is quite far from the city, and only way to come is using a car.
In the information, it said it will take 50 minutes using a bus from Matsumoto station.
At Sunday, there are no bus to here.

It maybe expensive but better to use a taxi.

If you are asking to going this place, say Kakeyu Onsen, or show this text, 鹿教湯温泉.

Thank you for reading.
One more day to go for week end!

Have a good night!

鹿教湯温泉, 文殊堂, 松本, 秋, 紅葉