Legend of a boy, who flew with dragon (Tatsuno ko Taro / 竜の子太郎 , Ohmachi dam / 大町ダム)

There are statue of a family in the mountain, northern part of Nagano prefecture.
Here comes a folk story again.

The family is not a normal.
The mother is dragon, and her son is human.

The boy's name is Taro.
He is said as "Tatsuno ko Taro (竜の子太郎)", the meaning is "Taro, the son of dragon".

At first I reached the place, the sky was filled with the clouds.
But lucky I was, the sunlight came down through the gap of clouds

I will explain the folk story in short using a picture which settled near the statue.

As Taro was born human, mother dragon thought that it is better raised up by human also.
She brought baby Taro to a village and left him.
A farmer found him, and raised him.

The village where Taro had grown up was boggy filed and was not good land because of the water. A huge rock was damming the river, and water spread all over the places.

One day, when he grown up, he heard step parents talking.
"If we can get rid of the rock, we can cultivate more crops and eat more."

Taro decided to find his mother, and ask her to help him and step parents.

He found her at the upper stream of the river.
Mother dragon accepted Taro's request, and fly up in the sky with Taro in her back.

She soon reached to the huge rock which stopping the river.
She dashed herself again and again, and broke up the rock at last.

The legend tells us that the river is running through Niigata prefecture, and reaches sea now.
The statue was made to pass down the tradition to the future.

The dragon seems little scary, but she is gentle and friendly to human.

In the sunshine and autumn leaves, the dragon and Taro seems like as if they are about time to fly up in the sky.

One more step, she will fly up to the sky.

The clouds went away.
Maybe they brow the clouds away.

Now, the village become town.
The river become a dam, again. This time, human had stopped the river to make electricity.

The pictures of Taro was set here.
Statue is placed a little higher hill from here.

Taro and his mother may get surprised if they see this architectures.
Maybe they thinks this is bad things, and try to break again.

It is only my guess, but the person who made the statue may wished the family to feel at ease, people made the dam to live well in this world.

In the way home, I found other small statue on the bridge.

The people who lives near the dam still loves Taro and dragon.
I wish they realize and see the statues from somewhere.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend!!

大町ダム, 泉小太郎, 竜の子太郎, 紅葉