The temple in the countryside (Ryudou-zan Houzou-ji temple/龍洞山宝蔵寺 and Houjyu-ji temple/法住寺)

On the way back from Bessyo Onsen (別所), I came across unique and ordinary temples.
Both temple had different characters, and were interesting.

The first temple is Ryudou-zan Houzou-ji temple (龍洞山宝蔵寺).
This temple is built on the middle of the cliff, half buried into it.

As this temple was built on high place, I could see it from far place.

The entrance was like this.
A lot of Jizo, the stone Buddhist statue, were there.

I had to walk up the stairways.
It was quite high...

Going through the gate, there was a temple.

To not demons and evils get inside of temple, the faces of guardian were set on the roof.
They were in scary faces...

Inside of the temple was like this.
It had large Japanese lantern, made of paper.

Walking through the passage, I could get in the back side of the temple.

The temple was built to fit the cave.

Getting out of the cave, and climbing up more stairs, I could see the town behind the temple.
I felt like this temple is a really guard of this town.

Before going one more hot spring, I saw one more temple along the road.
The reason why I realized the temple was the gate.
Large gate was beside the road.

Getting through the gate, walk for few minutes, I reached the temple.

It is ordinary temple, but something was really attractive.

Turning around and I realized why I liked this temple.
I deeply felt autumn here.

The leaves are falling, and the winter is coming near.
I have to prepare for it.

Getting in hot spring is one of amusement in winter time.

The last place I went was a hotel Fujiya (富士屋) in Tazawa Onsen (田沢温泉).
This hot spring is not so hot, but the warmness will continues for hours after getting out.
It is little far from Matsumoto city, but I recommend this hotel.
The youth hostel is near, too!


<Youth hostel>

Thank you for reading!
Take care not to catch a cold!

龍洞山宝蔵寺, 法住寺, 富士屋, ユースホステル

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